Based on the award-winning tabletop card game Lost Cities by world-renowned board game designer Reiner Knizia, Lost Cities VR is a two-player strategy game that transports you to unexplored regions and mythical realms. Can you outwit your opponent and make the most profit as you compete to be the first to discover the ancient lost cities?

Announcing Lost Cities Virtual Reality Edition

- by John Luxford

The Campfire Union is proud to announce that we are bringing the award-winning tabletop game Lost Cities to virtual reality! As long-time fans of the original Lost Cities game by world-renowned board game designer Reiner Knizia, we couldn't be more excited about the opportunity to bring it to life like you've never seen before.

In Lost Cities, you are an adventurer on one of 5 discovery expeditions (to the Himalayas, through the Brazilian Rain Forest, the Desert Sands, to the Ancient Volcanos, and Neptune's Realm), which for a tabletop game creates so many opportunities for immersion in a virtual reality environment.

A little thank you gift we got from Reiner Knizia!

We can't say all of the platforms that we'll be targeting yet, but our first target platform is the Gear VR.

We plan our first platform launch in late 2015, so join our mailing list to keep updated on our progress. Experience Lost Cities like never before with the Lost Cities Virtual Reality Edition!

– The Campfire Union